Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No rest for the weary. . . .

I'm sure all of you know how a "bad night" goes.........we've had many.......... here's a rundown of my most recent.........It's night 4 of no sleep. (G has his usual ear infections following drainage - and has fevered constantly for 72 hours 103 to 104.....broken out in hives, and is trying to cut his bottom 2 year molars.) The nightmare started on Friday. Today, I'm happy to report - with the help of my good friend Motrin - he's been running around the house in his undies singing "5 dollar, 5 dollar footlong"

9pm - Laying C man down to sleep. He and I were watching the Bachelor in my bed.

9:30 - G gets last dose of motrin, and is crying that his teeth hurt and is yanking at his ear. Thankfully no more fever. That's the worse....... He comes to hug me goodnight and stinks of smoke - ugh! Him and Daddy built a fire outside this evening after a 30 minute toddler meltdown wanting to go outside.

9:45 - G is put to bed, and for the first time in days, Dh and I can just sit in silence and relax. It's been a helluva weekend. I'm looking forward to getting a night of sleep myself after being sick the previous one puking my guts out (too much greasy food)

10:30 - I'm trying my darnest to go to sleep and Dh has caught his second wind. He's irritating me, jumping on the bed, poking at me, etc. I'd like to know where this sudden burst of energy came from. Oh yeah, he got to nap for 3 hours today. I did not. He keeps singing my "d*ck in a box" from that Justin Timberlake SNL skit. Nice. Real Nice.

11:00 - Okay seriously, leave me the heck alone. I'm tired. I'm going to sleep.

11:15 - The noise that makes us cringe. G's door creeks open and little footsteps are getting closer. Already? Not Again.......... G climbs in bed and thinks "he needs to sleep with daddy and watch a little more tv" No way kid. Off you go.

11:30 - I'm asleep.

12:45 - bedtime is halted , again. G comes in bed crying that his teeth hurt and wants to sleep with daddy. Tylenol. He lays with us for a few minutes and I tell Dh to get him back to bed. Dh and I briefly talk about how he used to climb in bed with his parents too, and they'd never take him back to his room. Note..... brief.

2:00 - I get awakened by the sound of G's shake and go car right by my face telling me to "Show some Respect Homes....) Kinda Funny, But then again not so much. He gets to lay in bed with us for a minute - then Mommy takes over. GO TO BED!

4:00 - I hear wild monkey sounds coming from G's room - which are really loud over the monitor. It's his stuffed monkey that squeals when you squeeze it's belly. Funny again, for a second. Then, again...not so much. I hear nothing more and foolishly think he is asleep.

4:15 - I open my eyes to see G staring at me like one of the children of the corn or something. SERIOUSLY!? I put him in our bed. He wins. I'm so tired.

5:30 - Enough is enough. The poor kid is full of snot. He's snoring like no one/nothing I've ever heard before in my life. He breaths in from his mouth, but then out every opening of his body. I've spent the last hour listening to a snoring orchestra that is made of up the sounds of armpit farts, the suction tool that the dental hygienist uses to suck up all the spit (an occasionally your tongue) and a wild bore choking on a very squeaky toad. This is unreal. And the kid, to top it off, has some hellacious gas. Again....BACK TO BED!

6:15 - Dh's alarm is going off. Who really cares, it's not like we weren't already awake. Oh well.

6:30 - I manage to fall asleep for a short lived nap.

7:00 - Dh leaves for work and as he kisses me goodbye says.........wow. what a night. I say bye and don't really want to talk about it.

7:30 - G is back at my bedside and I just hold him tight while we watch cartoons and wait for C man to wake up.

8:00 am - It's all over. Or is it? I'll let you know.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Okay Seriously. . .

Is there a shortage of LCD 42" tv's out there that I don't know about? I mean, come on...........out of 5 tv's we wanted........not one walmart, target, kmart, etc. has them. None of them. Nothing similar to it. They either have much smaller ones or much bigger ones - but everything in the middle is cleaned out. And when I ask "when will you get some in stock" the answer is as follows. . . . trucks come nightly, we just don't know whats on them. So, I guess everyone came out this sunny sunday afternoon to by a LCD 42" tv. Oh well.......... Glad I have a blog to complain to. I guess thats what this is for right? :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Surrounded by Balls..........

No, not those kind of balls.......... I'm talking about different balls for a change.........

I'm a 'get er done kinda gal, so I went ahead and tore into the fireplace box and mantel thinking I would be able to put it together myself. (which I did) Anyhow, that mantel was packed in a huge box with more blocks of styrophome than I've ever seen. My eldest eagerly grabbed them and started running around saying he was "building blocks, making slides, etc." I was torn. . .he was using such entertaining imagination with them and playing so nicely. . . but little white balls where falling off here and there so - did I want to make a bigger mess? In my "not so serious, not paying attention becuase the baby's napping and I only have 30 minutes to put this together" voice, I tell him No, put those back in the box. I repeated myself 5 times. Then the fun began because I realized I made a big mistake. Silence.......that means trouble. I listen for a minute and holler......."what are you up to big man?" Then, it happened. I heard that kid tear into that pile of styrophome like he was a viscous wolverine..................he dug into that stuff like he was digging a tunnel to china. I looked over the couch and saw a massive pile of "snow" on my carpet. Not just a few pieces.....it was hundreds. I ran to catch him but somehow the 2 year old was faster.......Thanks to static, I was running after this little blob covered in tiny white balls.......and as he ran, the balls were flying everywhere - sticking to everything and everyone. I finally caught him.....but I stopped to think - am I really mad........?? Maybe a little frustrated. But, who is really at fault here? I missed the photo of him with it in his eyelashes and covered over his clothing. But I snapped this one of him trying to wreak havoc on the living room a second round. No, I couldn't get mad. . . it was too darn funny. THERE ARE LITTLE WHITE BALLS ALL OVER MY HOUSE! I spent an hour cleaning them up with the vaccumm, and they just keep "appearing" places! Oy............

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Breakin' it down........

When I was in school, I was notorious for making
graphs and charts to help me learn and memorize things. So, Motherhood has me back at my desk again. . . . Have you guys ever been in the "well I worked all day, can you do it" war? Or maybe the "I just spend all day with the kids, you can have them now" discussion. Basically, there's always a bit of a discrepency when it comes to who should do what, for how long, and who gets a break. For us, it's classic: I stay home and love it. Greg works daily. The evenings are "shared" per se.....So, I thought it would be somewhat entertaining to see where all the hours in a day go...... Here's what I came up with......

For DH, only 21% of his day is spent with the kids, tag teaming with me on care and chores.
(On a different note: I should make mention that 41% of Dh's day is spent at work. Of course, counting "on call" hours, my workday is 100% of my day! :) But I wouldn't have it any other way.)

42% of our day as parents is relaxing and sleep. Why the heck am I so tired then!? ......huh....Oh yeah! ... I'm the On call parent. So until my tots are much older, I'm technically on duty 24/7. . . .... thats why.

37% of the day is Me alone with my tots. An interesting fact.......for a 9 hour work day as a babysitter.....though I go above and beyond that as a mother.....I should rake in $108.00/day at $12.00/hour. (a higher-end fee for experienced babysitters referenced on google)

Stay Tuned and Check out my next post for an interesting breakdown of the average day of a stay at home mom..........